Fiddly Authors

Laxmastro is a frustrated cartoonist and musician with a kid and a large black dog. He works full time at a nearby steam plant owned by a large POWER company in ALABAMA, where he is allowed to operate heavy equipment such as bulldozers, motor graders and front end loaders. He has no formal training in art beyond the first semester at the local comunity college. He masturbates way too much to be healthy for any human being.
Godpoop is an aspiring porn star with a strong interest in the development of telepathy as a viable means of coercion. He also has a strange affinity for midgets and their relationship to the occult.
Mike McMetal is not actually an author but he does have some death metal in the car.
-Has logged over 4,500 miles via Greyhound bus
-Eight years of college, Five majors, Graduation TBA????
-One misdemeanor charge (Damn tha man!!)
-Only person to have endured the movie "Carnosaur III" 36 times
-Aspires to be the first person to be sponsored by Budweiser soley on drinking merit

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