Fiddly Crap!

where we showcase artwork from laxmastro, godpoop, or anybody else that might send us something!

This is the first picture of Gwynn that was ever drawn. I originally drew this picture to be posted on Thanksgiving day (which was a Thursday).
Fan art! JP Sloan drew this pic in response to this picture. One of two pencil drawings I did on notepad paper while at work.
Second of two drawings I did at work. The yellow stains are from coal dust, something you can't avoid there. This was originaly a filler comic, but it kinda threw off the continuity of the storyline. I didn't want to remove it from the site, so I put it here.
This was a sketch I did originaly to "fill in" for a "late" comic. The comic was posted later the same day, taking the place of this.

Fiddly Wear!

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